Top Casino and Gambling Movies

Casino movies can be enjoyable even when you are not part of an online gambling community. If you dream of staying ahead of others in blackjack games, for instance, seeing the right movie is a step in the right direction. You can become a pro at playing legal casino slots machines because as they say if you can see it, you can do it. And if you don’t want to risk your own money, you can start enjoying and practicing the gameplay of the slots for free with the no deposit bonuses you can get from online casinos. That is why we have put together some of the best casino and gambling movies.

What Casino Movies not to Miss?


Any lover of casino movies will agree that there are exciting movies out there. These movies convey some of the best ways to gamble and play online casino slot games to win real money. If you are yet to understand USA casino, here are some movies to get started.

Casino Royale


Daniel Craig shows off his acting skills in this great movie `Casino Royale’. James Bond goes on a mission to take down a villain in the Le Chiffre. The movie intensifies with fast pace when Bond goes to Monte Carlo to meet his enemy in an all-or-nothing game showdown. Feel inspired yet? Enter the virtual casino universe by submitting to the most incredible bonus offer of $20 free cash and explore real money games for free. You’ll find Mister Bond among the most popular gaming titles; give it a try.



This modern classic casino movie is based on a true story. Before online casino gambling came into existence, a math professor trains some smart students to count cards in popular casinos. The drama that follows is one of betrayal, hedonism, and trickery which will leave you in disbelief. With this movie, someone with a passive interest in casino gambling will want to join a legal casino.

Ocean’s 11


It’s New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas, and a lot of fun is going on. Champagnes, cards, slots chimes wheel spins and lights out. A typical casino environment where the impossible happens and the incredible takes place. Danny Ocean and his ten criminally indeed friends take advantage of the situation to do what they do best – stealing millions. This movie is packed with suspense, glamour and a dose of twists and comedy.




This casino movie tells the story of an entrepreneur who wins real money at the poker table and can pay for his university fees. If you love all-star movies, then get set to see the likes of John Malkovich and Edward Norton. One of the exciting scenes is where Damon tries to defeat the poker baron (Malkovich) in high stakes games. You will learn many casino gambling strategies here.


Films Set in Las Vegas




Call this the most famous of all the gambling movies you will ever come across. It tells the tale of a mob that controlled a casino in Las Vegas. Do you remember Robert De Niro? He stars as the casino owner whose subsequent erratic behaviours caused much trouble. Then, comes in the beautiful Sharon Stone, creating memorable scenes you never dreamed could exist in a casino movie.


The Hangover


If you don’t know Las Vegas very well, this film will open your eyes to what the place looks like. This film shows that type of environment where gambling and narcotics go unrestrained. After a hangover, four men wake up and try to make sense of what has happened to them the night before.