Showgirls: Desire, Wonder, and Worship

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The showgirl is a creature that occupies a strange place in the pop cultural landscape. Dancing naked and yet a million miles away from a stripper. Blatently erotic, but not pornographic. Dating back to the late 1800s, the showgirl emerged in Paris in clubs like Le Moulin Rouge and The Lido. She was imported to Las Vegas in the early 50s and has become a permanent resident there ever since.  Here are some of her defining characteristics:

Showgirls embody and celebrate exquisite feminine beauty.  Their features are enhanced with long, thick false eyelashes, bright red lipstick, fishnet stockings, high heels and excellent posture. Fishnet stockings are ubiquitous, because they smooth out the leg skin texture and color.  Stylized poses and choreography on stage maximize their curvaceous and womanly assets

A Las Vegas showgirl carries herself regally, moves sinuously, and always keeps an alluring look on her face.  She maintains a refined presence at all times.

Las Vegas showgirls are gorgeous ladies who are literally up on a pedestal – the huge sparkling stage.  Their goddess-like beauty inspires reverence and adoration from afar, and the audience is never allowed to believe that they could actually touch or obtain them.  They remain ethereal mirages of splendor.

Showgirls who make appearances for public and special events do not go topless.  They carry themselves with dignity, speak courteously, and maintain their costumes impeccably.  They eschew vulgarity in words and actions.  They do not encourage event guests to manhandle them.

Strippers elicit lust; showgirls elicit desire, wonder and worship.

Exhibit A: Nomi Malone