Overlooked: Sore Losers

It’s that wonderful time of year once again when we take a look past over the last twelve months and remember some of the films we should have written about.

In our Sore Losers category, we took on a whole bunch of hopeless cases. Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s Chinese Roulette fits right in. The set-up is farcical – when both parties of an adulterous couple lie about their weekend plans, they end up together in rather uncomfortable circumstances with their lovers, their stony governess, and bitter disabled daughter at their country estate. In classic Fassbinder style, things get twisted and sordid quickly, culminating in a sick party game that no one can win. The mind games mix well with the decadent 30s by way of 70s production design, creating a darkly compelling jewel-box of psychological nightmares.

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