List of the Most Underrated Movies

While this end of the year we deliver very good movies with Rogue One and fantastic animals, it also has several feature films to be underestimated. These works did not please the critics coming from the press although their realization would deserve more attention. Warcraft, Nerve or even the children of luck, none was acclaimed and yet, these films deserved better than messages of disappointment. You may have seen them, but do you agree with the press? Feel free to comment in the comment section.

  • Grimsby-too Special Agent

Completely crazy, the latest comedy by Sacha Baron Cohen did not please everyone. Some people thought it was too trashy, others had too coarse a sense of humor, and yet Grimsby – Agent was too special to make us laugh. A leading role in Ali G and Borat, Sacha Baron Cohen is accustomed to poetic humor and outbidding. Even if Nobby Butcher didn’t invent gunpowder, his brotherly love will stand up to all the trials and none of that is beautiful.

  • 13 hours

As usual, Michael Bay is looking for the perfect explosion in 13 Hours. As a terrorist operation attacks a CIA base in Benghazi, Libya, the US ambassador is killed. Six security officers must team up to repel the attack and do everything possible to minimize losses. Only in 13 Hours, Michael Bay leaves the staged War style to focus on something more realistic. Thus, enemies are more often shadows than beards shouting openly in Arabic.

  • Demolition

Demolishing to rebuild is the nature of Demolition. Following the death of his wife, the character played by Jake Gyllenhaal questions himself because he feels nothing. No crying, no emptiness, nothing. Although he was not initially shocked by his situation, the reaction of those around him was going to push him towards change. His meeting with a woman and her son will call him into question. A dramatic comedy between self-destruction and self-renewal. A different film, but that does not make it less think.

  • Warcraft

Adaptation of the famous Blizzard saga on the big screen, Warcraft did not seduce everyone. While the spectators seem quite satisfied with the work, most of the critics, do not find it much. However, Warcraft is not only actors dancing in front of a green background, it is the adaptation to the cinema of an entire universe. Underestimated by his video-play saga, Duncan Jones’s film succeeds in exposing the problem of mixing orcs and humans with simplicity. Ally and survive or die.

  • Popstar: famous at all costs

Made as a documentary by the man to whom one owes in particular 40 years always Virgin, Popstar: famous at all costs is a typically American comedy. Almost all the clichés are there. Nevertheless, the Lonely Island trio manages to make us have a good time. Like a Zoolander, many American stars take part in the adventure by playing their own roles. Has both living and cliché at best, this comedy would have earned at least out in France.

  • Our memories

In the Aokigahara forest at the foot of Mount Fuji, every year, many end their lives. These woods became famous because of this practice. Our recollections are of a man in the midst of suicide. However, as he recalls his life, his memories will make him want to go back to his past, in the company of his wife Joan. From their encounter to their relationship life, through their problems, our memories are a bubble in time. A paradoxical moment in which the spectator is subjected to the same practice as the main character, questioning.

  • DOFUS, Book 1: Julith

For her first feature film, Ankama sets the bar very high with Dofus, Book 1: Julith. While the spectators are almost unanimous, the critics are scattered. As with every video game adaptation, the same arguments emerged: “fans of the genre will certainly like it”. However, this film is not just a collection of winks and good references to satisfy the players. It is also the story of an orphan in search of a non-existent maternal love who must overcome the trials of life to finally eat a wall. The routine of the young people of our generation.