ICYMI Mondays: Lorne Michaels speaks! & Washing Down Your Turkey Dinner

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Keep your browsers tuned in this week because we begin our investigation of Stephen King’s The Dead Zone. It’s chilling stuff. Here are a few links from the internet to keep you warm and safe.

Julia’s Links:

Non-linear twistings and turnings are all well and good, but let’s not forget the importance of tradition (especially this time of year). Filmmaker Magazine contends there’s a lot to be said for the 3-act structure

Want to know more about director and club member Daniel Patrick Carbone‘s dreams? Give to the Collective : Unconscious Kickstarter

ESPN’s B.S. Report features a rare interview with Lorne Michaels. The man behind SNL talks shop and I’m a captive audience.


Sarah’s Links:

I miss Mike Nichols the most thinking about his collaborations with Elaine May. Here they are in 1987 rehashing old times after a sold out screening of Ishtar at the Walter Reade. This conversation really does prove that at the time of its release, Ishtar just went right over everyone’s heads.

In honor of this month’s forthcoming episode of Shotgun!, let’s brush up on our John Lurie & friends. Aquarium Drunkard breaks down the brilliance of Jim Jarmusch’s movie music.



And after your big turkey dinner on Thursday, don’t forget to wash it all down with a shot of Underberg.