Falling Down: Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday

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As Robert Duvall’s tragically insecure wife, Tuesday Weld manages to take a character that could easily be played as an unsympathetic, two-dimensional shrew and instead delivers a sensitive mini-portrait of a middle-aged woman in the midsts of an identity crisis. It was a pleasant surprise to see Tuesday turn up in Falling Down, as it always is.

Tuesday began her career in the 50s as a child actor, notably with a bit part in Alfred Hitchcock’s The Wrong Man.  After a slew of parts in unmemorable teeny-bopper fare, including an Elvis movie (which lead to a brief affair with the King), Weld finally made an impact with a part in 1965’s The Cincinnati Kid, opposite Steve McQueen. Though she never quite broke through in the way that fellow 60s starlets like Faye Dunaway and Mia Farrow did, Weld continued to bring her unique brand of intelligently played fragility to many underseen films of the 70s and 80s.  The above video, from Roddy McDowell’s home video collection, shows Tuesday in a candid, breezy Malibu moment.