Big Shot Movie Club is…

SARAH  and JULIA  – Editors in Chief

HENNY  – the grousing man behind the Unfortunately For Me… He hails from Queens, New York. Other credits include the liner notes to the 2010 Sucklord Short Films DVD.

TY – reminding us it’s never too early to get future Big Shots on the right path with his family-friendly column Pie-Eyed with Ty. Check out his web-series, Ty the Pie Guy.

JOSHUA – a filmmaker and musician based in Los Angeles.  He dearly misses the popcorn at Film Forum.  Check out his column Shootin’ Range and then harass him on Twitter at @joshuafu.

JINNIE and MAURA – the powerhouses behind Words on Film and co-founders and editors of STET (which we like to think of as our literary bosom buddy).

KAIT  – our cross-media goodwill ambassador, the beautiful mind behind Unmoving Images, the column dedicated to still photography.

JOHN – this noted complainer’s famous one-line reviews are compiled in his column Straight Shots.

ERIK – author of Now Playing, responsible for keeping us in touch with screening schedules across the nation. Follow his calendar of special screenings in New York here and read more of his writing here.

JOHN  – he’s seen it all and brings the goods in Small Actors. But mostly, he’s seen Clifford more times than he can count.

ALISON – puts the science in cinema under the microscope in The Laboratory. When she’s not cluing us in on the plausibility of various scenarios, you can find her messin’ around with conifers.

NATHAN – bridging the gap between high and low in his monthly Showdown, and giving emerging filmmakers a chance as a programmer for the student shorts program at the Cinequest Film Festival.


ANDREW BEMBENEK – Code wrangler, key-holder, cryptmaster. Without him, the website would look terrible.