Brilliant Colors: Technicolor Erotica

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Ah, the early 70s, when lava lamps bubbled their oozy psychedelic oils in rec rooms across the nation and porn emerged from the sleazy underworld to the slightly less sleazy mainstream! Following in the wake of counterculture films like Easy Rider and Head that inducted audiences into the colorful swirl of psychedelia, 1972’s Behind the Green Door finds San Francisco porn innovators Jim and Artie Mitchell bringing some artful flair to skin flicks. The film is the stuff of Boogie Nights’ Jack Horner’s dreams; visually stimulating, with an alright story to accompany the humping and pumping that brings ’em in. Most notable is an absurdly extended experimental sequence featuring balletic manoeuverings of ejaculate. It’s Fantasia meets Stan Brakhage meets good old-fashioned smut – just the thing for the swinging 70s.