Top 10: Erik Luers

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Next in the Top 10 Round-Up is contributor Erik Luers, a NY-based film critic who always knows what’s on and does us at BSMC the honor of clueing us in with his column Now Playing.  -Eds.

Top 10 lists are both frustrating and necessary: The Top 10 part is frustrating, the desire for lists is necessary. Every year it’s good to reflect on the things that touched and inspired you, provided worthwhile entertainment and thought, an elevated interest and fruitful discussion.

I am not above ranking films. What tends to bother many people who claim to see a lot of movies and then realize by year’s end how few they have to put on the list, is the dreadful feeling of inadequacy that surfaces thanks to our blind spots. I will see more films in the coming weeks that may very well impact my decisions, but this list is not a constant. It could, in theory, change at any time. Nonetheless, today, at this moment, as I write this, these were ten films I saw over the past year (via either a New York theatrical run or a festival run in New York or Montreal) that provided me with some great thrills. For that, I am mighty appreciative. – Erik

1. Fragments of Kubelka

For its intimacy, inviting qualities and big visual big step forward in necessary auteur studies.

2. Manakamana

For proving you can never take the same ride twice. For a more in-depth look, go here

3. I’m So Excited

For proving that over-the-top comedies can delight in being immature and bawdy.

4. Stoker

For proving that blossoming into womanhood can be tough business, especially when your family is really, really complicated.

5. I Am Divine

For showing that documentaries about subjects you may not know much about (I am somewhat of a Divine novice) are still fascinating to fans and newbies alike. My piece on the film for Slant Magazine goes deeper  – check it out here

6. Stranger By The Lake

For finally allowing a sex thriller to be both equal part sex and thriller.

7. Norte, The End of History

For being intensely watchable and rewarding for viewers with some political interests and patience. More on the Film Society of Lincoln Center’s blog.

8. Return to Nuke ‘Em High Vol. 1

For proving that parody can come in all shapes and sizes and that there is often more to it than meets the eye. For some more context check out my review here

9. Blue Jasmine

For taking a serious issue and making it comical without disrespecting the core problems its lead character is confronted with.

10. Drinking Buddies

For refusing to take the easy way out when it came to crafting a drama about relationships both sexual and platonic.