Cheers: Donde la Gente Se Divierte

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A show like Cheers was special. It arose out of the unique combination of talent, good timing, and a great idea and as a result was a huge hit. Shows like that really seem like one of a kind. But Cheers is special because it isn’t. There have been multiple attempts to recreate the magic. In 1987 The Tortellis attempted to capitalize on the show’s popularity. Dan Hedaya and Jean Kasem (of the Casey Kasems) played Carla’s no good ex-husband and his new piece, for some reason relocated in Vegas. Unsurprisingly it didn’t last. It was terrible. A few years later in 1993 Frasier followed Diane’s therapist Frasier Crane (Kelsey Grammar) to Seattle. Running for eleven seasons, that one was a much bigger hit. Certainly we’ve all fallen asleep while watching an episode or two of Frasier.

But neither The Tortellis nor Frasier could achieve the massive popularity of Cheers. It’s universal appeal continues to this day. In Spain, Cheers premiered in 2011 and lasted for one season. However, over there a few changes were made. Sam is Nico Arnedo (Alberto San Juan), a retired footballer in love with Rebecca Santaolalla (Alexandra Jiménez), an overqualified cocktail waitress. They work at an Irish pub called Cheers in Spain where la gente se divierte…

If this isn’t enough, a new branch of the Cheers franchise is set to open in Ireland in 2014. The show, called Teach Seán, is supposed to have filmed this year and will air on TG4. Pretty soon, anywhere we go will be a place where everybody knows our names.