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We have different things that interest us, but we all share a common love for entertainment. We love movies, sports, games and enjoy the soft sounds of good music. Some of us also love to play and enjoy exciting casino games at Cresus casino by taking advantage of their bonuses to win real money. All these joined together have made the entertainment industry one of the most popular sectors.

Hollywood is at the forefront of the movie industry, and you don’t have to search hard and long to see recent releases. You can subscribe to the big shot movie club newsletter and find all about the latest movie news and releases.

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Honest Hollywood Movie Reviews

The excitement that comes with Hollywood movies is one that movie lovers share. We often can’t wait to see what the industry has for millions of fans around the world. We follow favorite stars on social media and read up all about their movies on the internet. Here are some of the honest latest movie reviews you will find.



Top of the list on our latest movie reviews and news is transit. This is a movie you will love to see due to recurring issues on identity, love, trauma, regrets, and rebirth. The movie is created around a mysterious ghost story laced with such sadness so real of our present time.



Apollo 11


If you say this movie is awe-inspiring, it is not an exaggeration. Apollo 11 is centred on the US first trip to the moon. Three brave men defy all odds; conquer their fears and venture far away from planet earth. It is a documentary filled with intrigues and breathtaking actions that show the intensity of the movie itself.





You cannot have a full list of the latest movie reviews and news without the mention of Climax. This recent movie starts with serenity and gradually progresses to a frightening intensity that keeps you glued to your seat and screen all day. The story is all about a dance party that later turns to a hellish madness.

The Best Gambling and Casino Movies

If you do not understand how legal casinos or slots games work, these gambling and casino movies will give you an idea. You may understand better how online sports betting and casino games work and how to play them in online casinos for real money.

Casino Royale


Movie sensation, Daniel Craig, showed the stuff he is made of in this movie. James Bond goes on a quest to take down a villain through the strange combination of poker and torture. The unforgettable part of this eye-popping movie is when Bond stakes all in an incredible showdown in Monte Carlo.

Movie-Themed Slot Machines


This is great news for people who love games that depict their favorite movie characters. You can play these games on legal USA online casino and on your mobile app and earn real money jackpots. Some of these movie-themed slot machines are Jurassic Park, Planet of the Apes, Halloween, Terminator 2 and so many others. If you have been delaying to try online casino or USA casino slot games, this should give you a change of heart.



If you have never loved betting with real money on an online casino, this movie will convince you to have at least a mobile casino app with you. You don’t have to live in Las Vegas to know how to win your game and make cool cash. This movie is about a man who wins at the poker table to pay his university fees. It is a brilliant performance on the strategies to use when playing poker. Use the tricks from this incredible movie, and test them out at the expert poker site by following Inside, you will find the most useful strategy tips, aside with the most lucrative bonus offers to boost you in the start.

Movies You Should not Miss This Year

To help you keep track, we regularly update our latest movie reviews and news. The following new releases are coming to your home this year.


Avengers: Endgame

Marvel Company will never cease to make us marvel at the never-ending Avenger movies. The Infinity Wars, previously released, was enough to make us want more. Now Avenger: End Game is hitting the nearest cinema, and you cannot afford to miss this. If you do, don’t blame anyone for it and don’t say we didn’t tell you. We do our best to bring you latest movie reviews.


Star Wars: Episode IX

Many of us are waiting for the final instalment of the Star Wars Trilogy. Good news is waiting for fans of this movie. Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia) is likely going to make an appearance in honor of her 40-year career with the Star Wars franchise. Just don’t miss this movie for anything in the world.


It: Chapter Two


This movie about creepy clowns can make you run out of your skin. The 2017 film alone scared viewers so much that they dared not look into street gutters. Now the second chapter of the same movie is coming out soon. Make sure you bolt the doors and windows before this movie hit your home.

Stay tuned for the latest movie reviews and news from the entertainment industry!

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